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Thursday, November 29, 2012

1:30 p.m. -
Technology Considerations for a Servicing Retained Option
Moderator: Wil Armstrong, CEO, BLUEBERRY SYSTEMS, LLC
Jordan Brown, Founding Principal and Chief Executive Officer, MARKETWISE ADVISORS

It’s no secret that the changing market landscape has created new opportunities and threats for mortgage bankers. No more so than the changing economics around mortgage servicing rights. With many large aggregators no longer buying servicing, what’s the independent mortgage banker to do? How does this impact best execution? What’s the right strategy? How will these factors change the operating model? And what do IT professionals need to consider for making this strategy a success?

Hear from a panel of multi-disciplinary leaders from the industry – lenders, technologists, servicers, and consultants – as they discuss the pros of a servicing retention strategy and the pitfalls lenders face in a world without mega-aggregators.

2:15 p.m. -
Enhancing Quality Control with New Analytics and Key Initiatives
Moderator: Lisa Binkley, Senior Vice President, PLATINUM DATA SOLUTIONS
Andy Crisenbery, SVP, Business Operations, ELYNX
Melissa Koupal, Vice President of Loan Integrity, LOANDEPOT.COM

To be sure we do not repeat some of the same mistakes that caused one of the largest mortgage meltdowns in history, government regulatory agencies like the FHFA have mandated major Loan Quality initiatives for lenders to implement to ensure we do not go down that road again. This session will outline the new technologies available to augment an Underwriter's and/or Auditor's review of a mortgage loan file and some of the major loan quality initiatives that other companies are supporting to enforce a better loan quality process and outcome.

3:30 p.m. -
Risk Management of Third Party Vendors through the Technology Lens
Moderator: Andrew Pennacchia, Associate, BUCKLEYSANDLER LLP
Ann Fulmer, VP, Business Relations, INTERTHINX
Stephen Hanson, Vice President & Senior Mortgage Regulatory Counsel, EVERBANK

Regulatory attention on improved mortgage servicing means mortgage lenders must establish and implement best practices when dealing with third party vendors. Due diligence in selecting vendors, proper contract structuring, and continuous oversight are part-and-parcel of a best practices approach.

This session will:

1. Review regulatory guidance on managing third party relationship risks—focusing on best practices developed by the OCC, Fed, FDIC, OTS, and the CFPB, and

2. Identify key technology issues relevant to the initial and ongoing due diligence, contract structuring, and oversight of third-party providers.

4:15 p.m. -
Taking the Pulse of E-Note Activity
Austin Kilgore, Editor in Chief, NATIONAL MORTGAGE NEWS
Katie Paolangeli, MERS Business Integration Director, MERSCORP HOLDINGS, INC
Paul Walby, Business Analyst, Wholesale Lending, FLAGSTAR BANK

While e-mortgages are still a small percentage of overall mortgage volume, there’s a steady flow of e-note originations and hundreds of thousands of e-notes being serviced. Hear from e-mortgage experts about the state of e-note originations, metrics about e-note performance and perspective on the state of e-mortgage acceptance in the secondary market and servicing sectors.