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Thursday, November 29, 2012

1:30 p.m. -
Going Paperless (in the Real World): Your Business, Your Processes, Your Questions
Jim Connell, Chief Information Officer, SIERRA PACIFIC MORTGAGE
Ken Marlin, Vice President, Business Development, XEROX MORTGAGE SERVICES

‘Paperless’ means different things to different people - from collaborating with internal and external parties to the flexibility to handle paper, images and electronic documents.

See what it means to Sierra Pacific Mortgage as they provide real life examples of implementing technology to execute paperless strategies throughout the mortgage process, coupled with insights gleamed from Xerox’s annual Path to Paperless Survey, and what companies need to consider when going paperless to set themselves up for a roadmap to “e” and a long-term solution versus an immediate need fix.

2:15 p.m. -
IT and Legal Best Practices for E-Signatures in Mortgage Lending
Michael Laurie, VP Strategic Development, SILANIS TECHNOLOGY
R. David Whitaker, Counsel, BUCKLEYSANDLER LLP

Electronic signatures are being used today within the mortgage industry to deliver time-sensitive disclosures and to reduce the time between application and closings. Mortgage lenders recognize the potential for secure electronic transactions to reduce risk and provide a stronger legal and compliance position. The challenge is how to best meet changing legal and regulatory requirements while ensuring high adoption.

This session will offer a practical look at e-signatures from an implementation perspective as well as speak to issues around the collection, delivery, presentation and enforcement of e-disclosures, e-contracts and e-signatures. Leveraging David Whitaker’s extensive legal expertise in mortgage where he held counsel positions for both Wells Fargo N.A and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) and Michael Laurie’s practical implementation experience in implementing e-signature and e-vaulting technology, attendees will hear best practices for electronic mortgage processes and answers to common questions such as, “What impact will electronic records and transactions have on my records management strategy?”; “What are the key requirements for e-signing?”; and “How can we satisfy ESIGN’s reasonable demonstration test?””

3:30 p.m. -