Testimonials from Past Conference Attendees

"By far this is the best event I have been. The overall information and group of people including the hotel made it worth my trip. Looking forward to the next one."
-Edgar Herrera, CEO, Diversified Investments & Development

"This year's conference was jam packed with industry-leading panelists and forward-thinking discussions. The event ran smoothly with great food and lots of opportunity for networking and meetings! Thanks Source Media!"
-Doug Grimm, Grimm & Associates, LLC

"The Distressed Mortgage Portfolios Forum will stand out as one of the most beneficial events I attended in 2011. This event definitely had the ideal topics and attendees for our business and is one we will continue to attend."
-Derek Katz, Managing Director, MountainView Capital Group

"Acquired significant information and gained knowledge that I did not possess prior to attending this show."
- Bryce Malone, Managing Partner, Right House Capital

"The conference was a good resource for many facets of this industry as well as enlightening and great networking."
- Kionna Perry, Director of Acquisitions, Rush Capital Fund

"This was one of the best conferences I have ever attended. The attendees were all directly involved in the business s and that made the networking and relationships extremely valuable. The speakers were also directly involved in the business and delivered some very high level, not generally available and actionable information/intelligence. The size of the group (100’s instead of 1000’s) made for a more intimate environment.

I could not only meet a large percentage of the attendees but one could actually talk/meet together multiple times throughout the days and get to know one another. On a smaller note but still impactful was having the networking area directly attached to the speaker area. This allowed for quick and easy flow between the two main opportunities of the event, gathering great information and meeting great people."
- Richard Mason, SVP Secondary Marketing, Vertical Financial Group