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Letter from the Conference Chairman

Mark FogartyDear trading executive,

Here's some good news! The stalled market for distressed mortgage assets has finally gotten on track and a viable secondary market for these assets is heating up, according to lenders and hedgies who talk to us.

And it is private investors and hard money lenders who are now offering enough to get reluctant lenders who have been sitting on these assets for years to sell.

Shadow inventory remains substantial, meaning there will be a decent NPL market right through 2016.

That means now is the time to ramp up your knowledge of this exciting but volatile market. And the best place to do that will be at SourceMedia's 4th Annual Buying and Selling Distressed Mortgage Portfolios Forum, to be held June 20-21 in New York City.

Get in while the getting is good! Our market-savvy speakers will tell you how. I hope to see you in the Big Apple.

Mark Fogarty
Mark Fogarty
Conference Chairman