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Dallas, TX 75254
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A Letter from the Conference Chair

Dear Mortgage and Servicing Professionals,

Welcome to 2012! The year everyone back in 2008 thought would be the year the foreclosure mess would be over and the mortgage market would be getting back to normal.

Don’t think so! Instead, despite the millions of delinquencies resolved, millions remain, with a large shadow inventory of assets not even put up for sale yet. We’re still in the middle of this crisis.

That means the guys and gals in the c-suite will be looking to you again for effective loss mitigation strategies to help take the sting out of resolving and disposing of problem loans, and preventing as many new ones as you can!

A great way to stay up to speed with the latest on loan mods, principal writedowns, short sales, deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure, cash for keys, homeowner counseling, rental opportunities, doorknockers, technology solutions and other effective loss mit strategies will be to come to our 4th Annual Best Practices in Loss Mitigation Conference in Dallas on July 19-20.

We’ve assembled a top-notch symposium made up of your peers to talk to you and take your questions on what is working, and what’s last year’s loss mit. (Hint: option A is better.) I hope you will join me in Dallas for this spectacular conference!


Mark Fogarty
Conference Chairman