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A Letter from the Conference Chair

"Everybody talks about cloud computing, but what about a specific mortgage cloud?"

Dear Industry Professional,

A lot of lenders are afraid that the wolf will soon be at the door. The wolf being, of course, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, now ramped up and seemingly loaded for bear with aggressive regulations and examinations. But what that means is also an unprecedented need for solutions to help keep them in compliance in the brave new world.

A great place to get up to speed on the opportunities developing in the regulatory area will be the Mortgage Technology Conference I am chairing for SourceMedia, Nov. 28-30 in Miami Beach, Fl. This long-established conference is the place to learn how to stay safe and avoid fines like the recent $210 million fine levied by the CFPB against a big bank.

In addition we will be covering, as usual, the entire technology waterfront as only we have over the past 20 years. And we are drilling down to the niches the business is interested in. Everybody talks about cloud computing, but what about a specific mortgage cloud? There is such a thing, and you can find out more about it.

We’ll talk about the progress of the slow-to-arrive electronic mortgage, and show how will progress may be slow, it is slow and steady toward a final result. And we’ll talk about other tech standards lenders will have to know about, like the UCDP appraisal data standards set up by the GSEs.

I hope to see you there! It will be a great meeting.

Mark Fogarty
Mark Fogarty
Conference Chairman