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Speaker Center

Welcome to the 7th Annual Mortgage Servicing Conference speaker center - your complete resource of all speaker-related details for the event, including bio submission, hotel accommodations, presentation material deadlines and key contacts.

Please note that all conference presenters, moderators and panelists are automatically fully registered for all sessions and functions of the conferece

Speaker Requirements:

March 13, 2013 100-word speaker bios (word documents only, no pdf's, if possible) are due
March 22, 2013 Speaker releases are due
March 22, 2013 Audio Visual Requirements
March 22, 2013 Speaker presentations, for inclusion in the conference workbook, are due
April 2, 2013 Hotel rate cut-off
Speaker Release Form
* Required Fields
Speaker Name:*
Cell Phone:
Assistant Name:
Assistant Email:
Please provide us with a 100-word professional biography. You can cut and paste your information in the box below. Or email your biography in a word document to

Audiovisual Requirements

All meeting rooms will be equipped with the following audiovisual equipment:

  • An LCD projector
  • A Laptop
  • A podium microphone
  • Table microphones

Please advise if you will require any of the following for your presentation:
DVD player capability
Lavalier Microphone
Wireless Internet Connection
Other: (please list specific equipment)

Presentation/Handout Materials

We request that any presenters using PowerPoint slides for their session please submit their electronic file in advance so that we can format as handout-style pages and include in the Conference Workbook.

The most common request we receive from event attendees is to have all presentations available in the onsite conference book materials for reference during the session.

PowerPoint files should be emailed by Friday, March 22 to to ensure that we have enough lead time to include in the printed workbook.

(Please include your name and the conference name in the email message subject line.)

We will also have your slides pre-loaded onto the conference laptop to be used during your presentation. If you wish to update your presentation file, please just send a revised version prior to the conference, or bring an updated file with you to the event in advance of your session.


* Please select one

I WILL be submitting a written or PowerPoint Presentation/outline
I WILL NOT be submitting a presentation
I'm part of a panel and will NOT have a presentation
My co-presenter WILL submit our presentation
Co-presenter's name:

Please let us know if you have any special requirements or questions

Speaker Release Terms

As part of the conference educational materials and as a service to participants, electronic recordings of all presentations and the materials that I delivered to this conference may be made available to conference participants and as post conference materials made available for sale to the general public. Electronic Recordings means a recording of the presentation via video, audio, digital, or any other form or method of copying, recording, or transmission, now known or hereafter devised including, without limitation, copying or recording by phonographic, photographic, magnetic, laser, electronic, or any other means and whether on phonographic records, film, microfilm, microfiche, slides, filmstrips, transparencies, online, Internet, CD-ROM, magnetic tape, cassettes, videodisks, floppy disks, or any other human or machine readable medium, and broadcast or transmission thereof. The price charged for an electronic recording is designed to cover the costs of supplies, marketing, equipment, labor, distribution and other costs related to the electronic recording.

As a conference speaker, I hereby consent to the recording, duplicating and distribution of my presentation(s) and the material(s) that I delivered to this conference via an Electronic Recording and release, discharge and acquit SourceMedia Conferences from any and all claims, demands or causes of action that I may hereafter have against SourceMedia Conferences whether for libel or violation of privacy or anything else by reason of recording, duplicating and distribution of my presentation(s) or the material(s) that I delivered to this conference via Electronic Recordings. This release form in no way inhibits me from using my own materials in any manner I so desire.

This release will ensure to the benefit of SourceMedia Conferences as well as its parent company, affiliates, successors and assigns.

* Please select one:
I agree to the above terms of this release agreement
I DO NOT agree with the above terms of this agreement

Event Contact

Any questions relating to the conference, please contact:

Alicia Joyce
Program Development Assistant

Program & agenda related questions:

Julie Dienes
Program Manager
(212) 803-6594

Sponsorship & advertising sales related inquiries:

Adam Dadich
Sales Manager
(212) 803-6089

Logistics, audiovisual or exhibitor-related questions:

Melissa Vasquez
Event Planner
(212) 803-8336

Billing issues

Customer Service Department